Fighting and Winning a Red Light Ticket

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Steve A. Ahillen, attorney at Roberts Perryman, was given a Hannibal red light ticket matter to discuss with a potential client. The typical route trucking company owners had taken, prior to Steve’s strategy, was to go ahead and pay off the driver’s fine vs. taking the time and money to fight it in the Hannibal court system. Hannibal would mail the owner a letter threatening a charge of “interference with an investigation” if they refused, or ignored, the demand to identify their driver allegedly driving through the red light.

With a 100% success rate representing carriers from a couple tractor trailers to huge motor carrier operations with thousands of units, the results have been the same every time.

Join us to hear what principles Steve applied to win these difficult challenges and how each time the municipality attempted (still does) a new angle Steve outmaneuvered them..