Cline Wood has focused on providing insurance and risk management products and services to the trucking industry since 1986. Our clients range in size from single truck carriers and individual owner-operators to some of the largest trucking companies in the nation. Our trucking industry service team averages more than 15 years of dedicated trucking industry risk management and insurance experience. With offices in Kansas City, St Louis and Dallas, we serve clients nationwide.


We represent only those insurance companies that specialize in the trucking industry and understand it. We require our companies to have financial strength, excellent coverage terms and conditions, competitive pricing, and a commitment to work collaboratively with Cline Wood and our clients. The result is a team approach that provides you with the best value for your insurance expenses.

Cline Wood invites you to give us a chance to earn your business. Give us a call or send us an e-mail, and let us know what we can do for you. Our 1,200 satisfied clients are glad they did. We think you will be, too.


CSA scores, new liability insurance forms, changing shipper language, driver hiring and retention, independent contractor issues and changes to the workers’ compensation systems are only some of the critical issues that present challenges and opportunities in the trucking industry today.

Cline Wood is more than just an insurance agency. We tailor insurance and risk management products and services that improve your bottom line. As a Cline Wood client, we can help you find ways to improve your CSA scores, assess and improve your safety program, stay abreast of changes in workers’ compensation, and other important issues currently affecting your company.

Risk Management and Safety

Cline Wood recognizes that safety is a significant component of any trucking company or independent contractor on the road. Therefore, a proper safety program is essential and has a significant impact on the overall profitability of any trucking line.

As a client of Cline Wood you will be given full access to a broad spectrum of safety services, as well as a committed partner in managing your everyday risk. Ranging from DOT and OSHA compliance to the development of a comprehensive and practical safety program you can depend on the knowledge and experience of Cline Wood in helping to solve and analyze your needs.

Workers’ Compensation

As business owners and managers of transportation companies, one of your higher expenses is likely to be Workers’ Compensation coverage for your employees. We at Cline Wood understand Workers’ Compensation and know that ensuring this policy is written correctly before a loss occurs is an important factor in protecting your employees and your business.

As a client of Cline Wood you will be provided with the tools to show how much control you can have over the costs associated with your organizations Workers’ Compensation. We can explain to you the factors affecting your experience modification and what measures you can take to ultimately bring those factors under control. We also can review your previous losses to ensure they were reported correctly and accurately to NCCI. If your losses were reported incorrectly or we find an error, we can help you resolve this issue.

Whether you are a large motor carrier or an independent contractor, Cline Wood has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible coverage at a competitive price.

All motor carriers - large or small - have one thing in common. Their insurance needs to be done right.

At Cline Wood, we work with motor carriers of all sizes to find the right coverage. With access to premier insurance markets and underwriters, we do the work of finding the best fit for your business needs that benefits the bottom line.

Our experience with independent contractors spans decades. We see the changes shaping your world - and ours.

Cline Wood knows how important it is to maintain both control over your business and the independence to get the job done. Cline Wood can find the right insurance to allow you to do both.

In an ever changing world it's a necessity to stay informed. Cline Wood has gathered together some useful resources for today's truck drivers and truck enthusiasts.
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