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How a Modest Farm Truck Driver Changed the Future of Global Shipping Forever

Posted December 20, 2016 by Administrator

It was during the Great Depression and Malcolm McLean, the son of a North Carolina farmer, started a trucking company to help his family survive those harrowing times. It was on one of those long hauls that he had a new idea that would someday revolutionize the shipping industry. It was the dawn the day before Thanksgiving and McLean was exhausted from driving all night. As he wearily drove up to the loading docks to deliver his produce, he realized there were at least 20 trucks already waiting ahead of him. Frustrated, tired and worried he wouldn’t make it home in time for Thanksgiving dinner the next day, he wondered if there wasn’t an easier way to unload freight.

In those days freight was unloaded piece by piece by the longshoremen. Each shipping item was first unloaded and then restocked on the ship. It would easily take a week to load a ship. McLean wondered if there was a way for his entire truck bed to be unloaded and reloaded at once.

His idea was not well received. Everyone thought the best way to improve shipping efficiency was to increase the load size by packing the freight better and by improving the speed time of the boat. No one thought his idea would make enough of a difference to be considered.

It took McLean many years to have the opportunity to try out his innovative idea. He grew his company to a large trucking fleet of over 1700 trucks by the early 1950’s. He then decided to sell his company, which sold for $12 million. He had to sell his trucking company before he could buy a shipping line, as per U.S. regulations at the time. Once he sold his trucking company, he then raised the capital to buy the shipping company and what he needed to develop his innovation.

Once he owned the shipping company he went about designing the truck bed containers, including a necessary but newly invented locking system. He then purchased two WWII tankers that he remodeled to fit the truck containers. He even designed a new crane that could easily unload the truck and stack the shipping freighters.

His inventions were well worth the wait. His new trucking container loading system reduced the cost of loading 39 times from $5.86 per ton to only $.16 per ton. Even more impressive, what had once taken a week to load now only took 8 hours. McLean had forever changed the way goods were shipped, loaded and unloaded all because of a delay at the dock way back when he was driving a truck just to keep food on the table and help his farmer neighbors.

The big takeaway here is the importance of looking at problems with a fresh eye and different perspective than may be the current norm. Sometimes it takes someone who is an outsider to see what may appear to be obvious but is overlooked by an insider in the industry.

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Webinar – The Impact of Accident Event Recording Technology on Transportation Businesses

Posted September 14, 2015 by Administrator

Truck InsuranceStudies show that Accident Event Recorders save lives and protect your trucking company’s most valuable assets – your drivers and passengers. This technology has proven to enhance driving skills and help correct risky behaviors, before these habits result in serious accidents. Join us for this educational webinar as subject matter expert Trevor Schmidt reviews accident event recording technology, and explains how video expedites claims and mitigates costly litigation. Key topics include:

  • Impact of Accident Event Recording Technology on Trucking Businesses
  • Utilizing Video to Enhance Driving Skills & Correct Risky Behaviors
  • How AER Technology Expedites Claims & Mitigates Litigation
  • How to Evaluate Recording Options for Your Trucking Company

Date & Time: Thu, Sep 17, 2015 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM EDT

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