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Clearinghouse Rule to Take Effect in August

Posted June 27, 2016 by Administrator

shutterstock_118561318 - CopyThe OMB has announced the status of three different rules that affect Commercial fleets. The Clearinghouse rule will be published as planned, but the Speed Limiter rule had been delayed again.

Clearinghouse Rule

This rule makes changes to how commercial carriers report the results of drug tests to the FMCSA. Carriers have to report who they use to administer their drug tests and give permission to these administrators to submit information on all drivers to the FMCSA. In addition, if any drivers fail a drug test or refuse to submit to a drug test, the fleet owner must report this information to the FMCSA

Controversial Speed Limiter Rule

The controversial Speed Limiter rule has been pushed back again. The rule that would restrict how fast trucks can travel was supposed to be published at the end of Spring. Now the scheduled date is the end of summer if it doesn’t get pushed back again.

Fuel Efficiencies Rule

Another important rule that affects motor carriers is the joint EPA and NHTSA rule to improve truck fuel efficiency emissions. The rule scheduled to be published in September will require 2018 model trailers and 2021 model tractors to comply with these standards. The entire vehicle will need to be in compliance by 2027.

For more important news regarding the trucking industry, contact the experts at Cline Wood.

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Learn About New Hours of Service Exemptions

Posted December 21, 2015 by Administrator

With the passage of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has some exceptions regarding Hours of Service logging. To learn if you need to comply with the new ELD rule, take a look at some of the exemptions.

Exemptions to the ELD Ruletouching screen on tablet-pc

Not all business will have to invest in electronic logging devices in the next two years. Exempt businesses include:

  • Businesses that have routes within a 150-mile radius
  • Vehicles in your fleet that were built before 2000
  • If you provide tow away or drive away services
  • If your drivers log hours of service on paper 8 out of 30 days

For those businesses that aren’t exempt from the ELD rule you have two years to comply. Vendors of electronic devices don’t see a problem manufacturing devices that will fulfill the new requirements. In fact, many of these devices include other features that will help your company increase the efficiency of your fleet.

Maintaining FMCSA compliance improves safety, manages costs and decreases your company’s liability.   To learn more about transportation safety, risk reduction and best practices to cut costs in the new year, contact us.

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