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What You Need to Know About the Top 10 Trucking Concerns

Posted November 20, 2018 by Administrator

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) releases a survey of the industry’s biggest concerns on an annual basis. For the past two years, the driver shortage came in as the number one concern; however, there is a much bigger insight to glean from this year’s report: the divide between commercial truck drivers and motor carriers.

How Truck Drivers Rank Issues Compared to Carriers

Out of the top ten concerns, the driver shortage lands at number nine for commercial truck drivers. For drivers, their number one concern is Hours-of-Service (HOS) regulations. This is significant because while motor carriers are focusing their efforts on acquiring more drivers, they may be overlooking issues that can cause retention problems.

To put it another way, if motor carriers want to improve the driver shortage, they need to focus on the drivers they have before casting a net for potential new hires. It always costs less money to retain employees than it does to replace them. In addition, fostering a positive work environment that values communication between drivers and carriers can attract more drivers.  Looking at what drivers list as their top concerns is a great place to start.

In order to ensure maximum driver retention, carriers need to address some of the disparities between the two lists. For example, drivers list HOS rules as their number one concern, which falls to the number three slot for carriers. The ELD mandate generated a lot of discussion, but the primary issue at the heart of the debate is the existing HOS regulations. Truck drivers are stuck between customer demands and unyielding regulations that make timely deliveries next to impossible. Carriers that want to keep drivers happy need to advocate for their concerns.

Another example highlighting the divide between driver and carrier concerns is driver distraction. It is truck drivers’ fourth most prevalent concern while it falls to the seventh slot for carriers. Truck drivers have to deal with distracted motorists on a daily basis. They’re also more likely to take the blame if an incident occurs because of skewed public perception about commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). Carriers need to take steps to protect their drivers on the road as well as implement technology to protect them in the event of an accident to ensure maximum retention.

Motor carriers and drivers have diverse needs and concerns; however, diligent carriers can find ways to bridge the gap to keep both parties happy and working harmoniously. Cline Wood knows the driver shortage is weighing heavily on trucking businesses, and we strive to find workable solutions. Contact us at to learn how we can help your trucking company.

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