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Marsh & McLennan Agency: Compensation Guide for Clients



Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC (“MMA”) is dedicated to serving the insurance needs of all our clients, with a focus on local service excellence, and outstanding products and solutions that meet their unique needs.


MMA prides itself on being an industry leader including in the area of transparency and compensation disclosure.  We believe you should understand how we are paid and also understand the services we are providing for the compensation we receive. We are committed to compensation transparency and to disclosing to you information that will assist you in evaluating potential conflicts of interest.

As a professional insurance services provider, MMA and its subsidiaries facilitate the placement of insurance coverage on behalf of our clients. In accordance with industry custom, we are compensated either through commissions that are calculated as a percentage of the insurance premiums charged by insurers, or fees agreed to with our clients.

We are committed to setting the industry standard for ethical business practices and client service. To fulfill that commitment, we pledge to our U.S. clients that we will:

We have reinforced this commitment with a comprehensive compliance program that includes:

These initiatives translate into many benefits for our clients, including:


We are compensated in a variety of ways, including commissions and fees paid by insurance companies and fees paid by clients. MMA may receive compensation through one or a combination of the following methods:


Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. and its subsidiaries own equity interests in a number of insurers or reinsurers. For further information regarding these interests, please visit: https://www.marsh.com/us/about-marsh/leading-the-way-in-transparency.html

AFCO Premium Credit LLC is a joint venture between Marsh USA Inc. and AFCO Credit Corporation that provides premium financing services to insurance buyers.


MMA is prohibited by law in most states from altering the amount of compensation received from an insurer based in whole or in part on the sale of an insurance policy.

This disclosure is mandated by New York State Insurance Department Regulation No. 194 (11 NYCRR 30) §30.3(5). We interpret this provision to refer to the various anti-rebating insurance laws throughout the country, such as New York Insurance Law §2324 which prohibits insurance companies, agents and brokers from sharing or rebating commissions as an inducement to making an insurance contract. MMA makes the above statement based on that interpretation.


We encourage you to ask questions regarding any aspect of your relationship with MMA. Please feel free to ask a member of your account team.

If you wish to raise issues, express concerns, or file a complaint regarding compensation paid or payable to us by insurers or any other third parties, please contact our Ethics & Compliance line at 800-381-2105, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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