Consultant Spotlight – Scott Dunwiddie

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We understand the cost of claims, and we work with our clients to minimize the various exposures. Our in house claims department serves as an advocate for our clients on issues such as coverage, self-insured retentions, and document production. This department provides multi-party or one-on-one consultation related to the investigation, reserving, subrogation and timely settlement of the client’s claims. We work with our clients to evaluate their claims reporting processes to mitigate losses and aggressively adjudicate claims.

Let’s get to know Scott Dunwiddie through this Fast Five Q&A!

How did you get your start in Insurance?
When I was in my last year of law school, there was a job posting for an insurance claims adjuster handling Employee Dishonesty, Theft, Forgery, etc. claims, and they were seeking attorney applicants. Up until that time I hadn’t considered working in the insurance industry, but it sounded like interesting work. I was fortunate to get the job, and over the course of those early years I had several great mentors that helped me learn about policy construction, claims best practices, claims strategy, and loss control in addition to many other aspects of insurance.

Why is Risk Management important to you?
I’ve seen so many examples of horrific accidents over the years that had devastating effects on the individuals and businesses involved. Most, if not all, of these accidents could have been prevented.

What do you feel is your greatest strength as a Risk Management professional?
My ability to analyze a scenario or process to help determine root causes, exposures, and solutions.

What are the top 3 things a trucking company should focus on to improve their risk management efforts?

  • Creating a Safety & Claims Committee with members from different areas of the company that has full support of ownership/upper management. Have the committee review any incident, no matter how minor, for root cause analysis and submit suggestions for improvement to ownership/upper management.
  • Creating a comprehensive Safety Plan and written procedures that are regularly reviewed and updated.
  • Regular, detailed training for all staff on safety and other company procedures. Keep records of the training on file, including dates of training, topics, and who attended.

Why are you proud to work for Cline Wood, a Marsh & McLennan Agency?
We value learning every aspect of our clients’ businesses, and develop lasting relationships with our clients. We also have many years of experience, and care about helping our clients prevent losses.



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