National Safety Month – Hazard Recognition

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As part of National Safety Month, we at Cline Wood, a Marsh & McLennan Agency, are highlighting key aspects of safety that you can incorporate into your existing safety program. Below are links to three safety-focused articles that expand upon principles of hazard recognition, and what can be done to not only identify exposures early on, but also to reduce or even eliminate these exposures before a serious injury or accident occurs.  As one source put it: “It’s usually the most obvious things that you miss”… “The things you walk past a thousand times and never realized they’re an issue – that’s what this is. That’s what we’re training people not to do. That’s part of the reason we feel like we’re really onto something.”¹


The Hierarchy of Controls

 ‘Seeing’ Safety in a New Way

 Recognizing Hidden Dangers


¹ Source: (Safety+Health Magazine on 1/27/19 by Barry Battino, accessed 6/5/19)


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