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Protect Your Transportation Business from Negligent Hiring Claims

Posted February 26, 2015 by Administrator

Frequent regulatory changes have brought about a consistent rise in negligent hiring and retention claims. Yet many carriers do not fully understand the concept of negligent hiring. If you don’t understand it, how can you be sure to avoid it?

Negligent hiring is claimed by an injured party against an employer based on the premise that the employer knew or should have known about the employee’s background, and that the employee’s background would indicate dangerous or untrustworthy character. Examples of negative background information include high accident frequency, multiple major moving violations, and even substance abuse. These claims are recognized in almost every state and have resulted in payouts averaging more than $1 million dollars each.

Your trucking business can avoid these potentially costly claims by engaging in hiring practices that mitigate your exposure to liability. Improving hiring practices , but here are the basics:

  • Hire based on many factors – the more information, the better
  • Consider all aspects of hiring liability and their potential impact
  • Leverage MVRs and PSPs to ascertain the following:
    • Safety-orientation
    • Customer focus
    • Integrity
    • Independence
    • Compliance

Many steps are necessary to establish liability-oriented hiring protocols that will stand up to strict scrutiny in a court of law. To avoid spending your time and money in court, contact us.

Coverages for Grain and Feed Dealers

Posted February 19, 2015 by Administrator

Grain and feed dealers comprise a crucial segment of the agribusiness industry. Protecting business operations and assets presents a significant challenge due to the unique needs of companies in this area. As a dealer, do you know your risk exposures? Do you know your coverages? Insufficient coverage can crush a business when accidents or natural disasters occur. Yet excessive coverage can prove equally detrimental to your bottom line. Areas of potential risk exposure include:

  • Tank Leakage
  • Environmental Impairmentslideshow-09
  • Keytrol Cards
  • Chemical Drift
  • Buildings
  • Equipment
  • Trucks and Automobiles

In addition to protective coverages for goods and facilities, liability coverages are numerous and imperative. From D&O to EPLI, it’s crucial to understand your coverage needs and outlay. To learn more, contact us.

Control Your Experience Mod Factor, Don’t Let It Control You

Posted February 12, 2015 by Administrator

Workers’ compensation costs can’t be avoided, but they can be controlled. Costs for businesses in the transportation industry vary dramatically based upon a number of factors. Through a formula used to assess these factors, including region, operational activities, size, and more, you arrive at your experience modification factor. Most trucking companies are aware of this, yet surprisingly few understand how to positively influence their experience mod. It can prove a slow, challenging, deliberate process, but it’s one of the few tried and true ways to make substantive long-term improvements to your bottom line. Though there are many complexities involved in assessing and improving your experience mod factor, your roadmap begins with four steps:

  • Minimizing severity of claims by leveraging accident mitigation and cost-effective repair facilities
  • Reducing unnecessary payroll to minimize anticipated claim rates
  • Reducing frequency of claims by implementing more rigorous safety protocols and maintenance schedules
  • Taking steps to ensure your business falls into the most advantageous classification

To learn more about executing these and other related objectives, contact us.

Transportation Safety & Being a Positive Presence on the Road

Posted February 5, 2015 by Administrator

Commercial trucks are typically the largest and most noticeable vehicles on the road. Being seen is seldom a challenge, but projecting a positive influence on driver safety can be much more difficulty. Some automobile drivers are oblivious while others are aggressive. There are also those who are simply anxious in the presence of a large truck. Conducting your commercial vehicle in a manner that is both safe and considerate will minimize the chances of your company receiving negative calls about you, and maximize the chances of garnering good will toward your employer and trucking professionals in general. There are many recommended behaviors to observe and avoid, including:

Positive Behaviors:
  • Using high beams when appropriate
  • Maintaining the reflective tape around the truck and trailer
  • Keeping lights and reflectors clean and well-maintained
  • Ensuring other drivers see you – make eye contact or use your horn
Detrimental Behaviors:
  • Speeding in densely populated areas
  • Merging or change lanes aggressively
  • Attempting to pass another truck until other drivers have done so
  • Driving close enough to other vehicles that it makes drivers uncomfortable
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